St. Paul’s

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The St. Paul’s United Church property is a 1.6-acre, L-shaped lot on the corner of two busy streets in Pandosy Village, Kelowna. This exciting new project will have two components: an Arts & Worship centre and a mixed-use development that will generate a sustained income to support the ministry of the church.  The mixed-use component will comprise first floor retail and parking, a second floor business centre, and on the third and fourth floors 20 exclusive residences with ground level garages.

The design will be to human scale, with multiple buildings that are different but compatible, set-back upper floors to reduce visual impact, and interesting public spaces that encourage social interaction. Private open spaces will including rooftop gardens, balconies, patios and courtyards. The site will include pedestrian-friendly, landscaped corridors to support and promote the use of alternate transportation and foot traffic within the urban centre.