The Arbour

Kelowna, BC

The Arbour is a comfortable addition to Kelowna’s established Mission neighborhood. will be the first phase of a site-renewal project and provides needed rental townhomes to a location where they are in very short supply.

All residences have exterior access and ground level entry units facing Lakeshore Drive and as 2 buildings to break down the scale and maintain a comfortable overall massing. The architecture is a ‘heritage modern’ style using a sloped gable roof forms as well as ‘framing’ elements and trims that will help define and highlight windows and entry features. The buildings are clad in high quality materials including a masonry base, Hardi-panel cladding, and steel and glulam deck and trim elements. Windows will be energy efficient vinyl frames with energy efficient glazing Units.

Open spaces are devoted to community garden plots as well as landscape and play areas. New sidewalks will accompany a planned road widening and landscaping materials include indigenous plantings where possible and use a minimal irrigation. Garbage collection is proposed to be using low-profile in-ground ‘Molok’ receptacle. Bike Racks provided in excess of City zoning requirements.

Project Data

Status: Under Construction
Owner: Whitworth Holdings
Floor Area:  26 Townhomes
Staff: Jim Meiklejohn – Principal + Project Architect
Shirley Ng – Production + Permitting