Black Mountain Townhouses

2015 - Kelowna, BC

Meiklejohn Architects were first called on to design the fore project. This project consisted of 4 townhouses placed on ‘unusable’ land gained from the City and on the edge of the overall development and turned into a site for a modern stepped townhouse project that combined Okanagan and classic prairie-style architectural elements. The resulting development was an instant success and led to a waiting list for the next project. Melcor continued the theme by developing two more phases; Blue Sky and Dunbar Villa that create a neighborhood of duplexes and a five-plex completed in 2017.

Melcor markets this product as “beautiful West Coast Contemporary style villas with low slope roofs accentuate the scenic view corridors to the golf club and the Okanagan Valley. The architecturally designed buildings boast separated living areas that promote privacy, safety and security with a clean smooth look that incorporates the vibrant landscaping into the overall theme.”

Project Data

Status: Completed, 2015
Floor Area: 2,750 sf
Owner: Melcor Developments
Staff: Jim Meiklejohn – Principal + Project Architect
Shirley Ng – Production + Permitting