Landmark 6

2012 - Kelowna, BC

Landmark VI offers approximately 200,000 square feet of Class A office space in a concrete and glass curtain wall tower designed to respond to the banding of the older Landmark towers in a more modern fashion.  At 18 stories tall Landmark VI was the tallest office building between Calgary and Vancouver for many years after its construction and is still a major feature on the Kelowna Landscape.

The office tower was developed in conjunction with the adjacent new medium-density residential and commercial neighborhood called the Landmark District which forms part of the Capri-Landmark urban centre. Directly adjacent to the Landmark VI tower is the Landmark VI parkade which was designed by our office and directly across the street from the tower is the Dickson Parkade, also designed by our office.

Project Data

Status: Completed, 2012
Floor Area: 200,000 sf
Owner: Al Stober Construction
Staff: Jim Meiklejohn – Principal + Project Architect
Shirley Ng – Production & Permitting