Kelowna, BC

The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore, now named Movala, is a proposed mixed-use development situated on 4.4 acres, located on the interface between Kelowna South/Gyro Beach and the fast-redeveloping South Pandosy ‘Urban Village’ to the north. The project site occupies a strategic location in Kelowna where the urban fabric transitions from an urban ‘street grid’ neighborhood to the north to a residential, linear neighborhood to the south.

The vision for this key location is to create a next level of design for this part of Kelowna that includes generous sidewalks with functional public spaces and other interesting public amenities such as artwork and places to sit, reflect, gather, and celebrate. The project design is based on the following principles that arose from investigation of the site and extensive neighborhood consultation

– Distribute building massing to reflect the scale and context of adjacent neighbors and streetscape.
– Terraced building forms to minimize shadowing
– Separate buildings with generous space between to provide ‘views through the site’
– Breakdown buildings into smaller scale pieces to help create an ‘urban village’
– Maintain the look of a two story ‘podium’ on all four frontages as a means to keep the pedestrian realm at a relatable scale and character.


Status: In Design
Owner: Al Stober Construction
Staff: Jim Meiklejohn – Principal + Project Architect
Shirley Ng – Production + Permitting