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Talk with Tech Architect

Talk with Tech Architect

Text below from December 05, 2016 Castanet Article

The countdown is on to completion of the Okanagan Centre for Innovation. “Some of the hopes and dreams for this building are that it will set a precedent for what buildings in Kelowna will look and function like in the future,” says lead architect Stoke Tonne of Meiklejohn Architects. “It offers several features that are unique, not only in the Kelowna region, but across Canada as well.”

Tonne is building a reputation for notable buildings in the Okanagan, such as the Kelowna Yacht Club. The firm’s portfolio also includes the Laurel Packinghouse, South Okanagan Performing Arts Centre and Landmark VI Centre.  Tonne and his team sought to pay homage to the existing downtown culture, and particularly the neighbouring library. A pedway will connect the two buildings  “It’s a subtle, subconscious design where similarities between the two buildings appear when you think of the buildings as brothers. There’s a balance of being the same, but different, all the while being respectful.”

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