Central Green Projects

2019 - Kelowna, BC

The development of Central Green in a master plan project include 3 condominium buildings and 4 rental apartments with over 800 units in total. the project is a mix of 4, 5 and 6-storey wood buildings (all over approximately 7 acres of underground parking) that are similar in both height and massing This benchmark elevation is identified as a constant over the entire Central Green site.

The building architecture varies between the traditional brick heritage language of the adjacent Central Green Condominiums fronting Rowcliffe Park and transitioning to harder, more modern and urban forms facing the frontage of Highway 97 and the downtown core.

Project Data

Central Green Building 3 Status: Completed 2019, Approximate Area: 55,000 sf
Central Green Building F Status: Completed 2018, Approximate Area: 55,000 sf
Central Green Building B Status: Completed 2019, Approximate Area: 80,000 sf
Central Green Building A&E Status: In Design
Owner: Mission Group (Building 3), Al Stober Construction (Buildings A, B, E & F)
Staff: Jim Meiklejohn – Principal in Charge & Project Design
Shirley Ng – City Permitting


Central Green Building 3

Central Green Building F

Central Green Building B