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Attractive & Quaint setting at Laneway Canteen

Attractive & Quaint setting at Laneway Canteen

Text below from July 18, 2018 InfoTel Article

The unique Laneway Canteen has opened in the laneway on Bernard Avenue beside Earl’s. The laneway project was intended to take a lost, under-utilized urban space and revitalize it, creating an active and vibrant community space. The project took a group effort including the City of Kelowna (Ben Walker), Meiklejohn Architects (Stoke Tonne and Jim Meiklejohn), B.C. Society of Landscape Architects (Rob Fershau), Downtown Kelowna Association (former executive director Peggy Athans). Sawchuk Developments (Gord Sandrin), Earl’s Restaurants (Brad Attwood) who are the Laneway Canteen operators and property owner Bill Scutt. The Canteen offers tacos and starters along with beverages of Cervezas, Vino Blanco and Tinto, Margaritas and Gaseosa (soda). Taco choices are Yucatan Chicken, Pork, Prawn, Veggie and Tuna. The outdoor patio is attractive and quaint. Daniel Gray and Brennan Moro are the co-managers of the Canteen.

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