Bernard Laneway

2017 - Kelowna, BC

In 2013 a few members of the BC Society of Landscape Architects along with Jim, Shirley, and Stoke from Meiklejohn Architects took it upon themselves to give the laneway beside the M+M Kelowna office a well deserved makeover. This “pop-up” event coincided with the Downtown Kelowna Association Block Party and saw the transformation of the lane through painting of a decorative pattern on the asphalt, hanging orbs from cables strung from the buildings above, and bringing in planting and furniture for the day. City interest was peaked by that guerrilla effort and 2016 saw the team work with a core group of City staff to perform a “refresh” of the laneway that involved painting the asphalt and hanging more permanent lights above the laneway to enhance the space. The recent 2017 improvement was more permanent and funded by the City and entailed the full resurfacing of the Bernard Laneway, the installation of 4 permanent trees, improved lighting, and decorative signage and bollards.

The Laneway project was a pro bono project for Meiklejohn Architects since its inception and all work has been done on a donation basis with the goal to enhance the public realm through beauty and safety. We have been able to see the citizens of Kelowna and tourists alike enjoy this transformed urban space and look forward to being a part of more laneway improvements around our great City.

Project Data

Status: Completed, 2017
Floor Area: N/A
Owner: City of Kelowna
Staff: Jim Meiklejohn – Participant
Shirley Ng – Participant
Stoke Tonne – Participant