UBC Okanagan Mountain Weather Building (MWO) Renovations

2017/2019 - Kelowna, BC

Meiklejohn Architects provided full architectural and prime consulting services for the 4 phases of renovations recently completed in the Mountain Weather Office Building.  In 2015 UBC Okanagan took ownership of the building from Environment Canada and embarked on a major renovation program to develop new academic space for the School of Health and Exercise Sciences.  The entire project was broken into the following phases and scopes.

Phase 1: Completed 2017, Floor Area: 2,500 sf
The first phase involved the transformation of an underutilized open work area on the first floor into a new office space for relocated Environment Canada staff.  The renovation included an open work area, kitchenette, meeting room, and private offices.

Phase 2: Completed 2018, Floor Area: 3,500 sf
This phase involved the creation of 3 teaching labs for the School of Health and Exercise Sciences; 2 on the second floor, 1 on the first.  These lab spaces are highly specialized learning spaces with exercise training and monitoring equipment.


Phase 3: Completed 2019, Floor Area: 3,000 sf
Phase 3 encompassed the development of an accessible kitchen where mobility challenged individuals could be observed working in a residential kitchen environment.  An accessible fitness studio was also part of this phase that was fitted out with highly specialized mobility-impaired fitness equipment.


Phase 4: Completed 2019, Floor Area: 1,500 sf
The final phase that was completed in conjunction with Phase 3 involved the creation of a large meeting room with testing and research rooms flanking it.  The Core (Centre for Obesity and Well Being Excellence) led by Dr. Lesely Lutes operates out this space.


Owner: UBCO (University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus)
Staff: Stoke Tonne – Principal + Project Architect