UBC Okanagan Innovative Learning Centre (EME 1123 Renovation)

2013 - Kelowna, BC

Meiklejohn Architects, provided interior design services for the renovation of the existing classroom 1123 in the recently completed EME Building. The renovation led by Dr Susan Crichton and was envisioned as means of creating a “classroom of the future” for teachers.  This project was seen as research lab by the Faculty of Education where new teaching methodologies could be tested, refined, and deployed. The goal was to enhance the faculty’s ability to teach those who teach and the ILC promotes that by way of its interior design and furnishings.

The design scope encompassed researching new trends in teaching and incorporating the ideas of group study zones into a furniture and equipment plan. An emphasis was put on maximum flexibility as the space needed to be able to be easily rearranged to suit whatever the teaching/learning needs required.  Through writable wall surfaces and a suspended truss the rooms allows for the informal display of knowledge in a comfortable and unique environment.

Status: Completed, 2013
Floor Area: 1,500 sf
Owner: UBCO (University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus)
Staff: Stoke Tonne – Project Design