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1151 Sunset Drive Forevers Alters the Skyline

1151 Sunset Drive Forevers Alters the Skyline

Text below from July 26, 2016 Castanet article

The latest company to take over construction on the old Lucaya highrise site has released its vision for the property. Kerkhoff Construction has updated the original design of the 21-storey condo development, now known as 1151 Sunset Drive. The first drawing of that design was released Tuesday morning. “When you are working on a project that will forever alter the skyline of a city, you want to get it right,” said Leonard Kerkhoff, vice-president of Kerkhoff Construction. “Meiklejohn (Architects) has achieved that with a design that matches the incredible location on Sunset Drive.”

Features of 1151 Sunset Drive’s design include: 21-storey condominium building with 117 condos and seven townhomes at street level, Large reflective pond in front of the building with cascading waterfall, Modern glass and concrete facade, Extensive amenities including: multi-purpose room with adjacent outdoor entertaining space featuring BBQ area, plunge pool, fitness room and a business centre, Developers are hoping to take advantage of a large influx of workers into the downtown core once both the Centre for Innovation and Interior Health buildings are complete.

Kerkhoff Construction announced last week that it has assumed full control of the condo project and renamed it 1151 Sunset Drive based on its street address. Construction is expected to begin in September, with a 2018 completion date.  There has not been any work on the Sunset Drive site since construction on what was the Lucaya project ground to a halt in 2008.  At the time, the Alberta-based developer had spent a reported $7 million on the project.

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